Webinar: De-coupled – is economic power the new hard power and can trade recover from its use as a ‘weapon of choice’? | Coriolis Future of Strategy 2020

Is economic power more important than military power when spheres of influence have shifted as much as they have in the past 5 years? Are tariffs just a mis-direction – a tactic to hide a bigger picture of technological and global decoupling that pitts China and the US evermore sharply against each other? Has strategic trade become the new normal of national security strategy and if so, how can banks businesses find strategies to deal with an ever more confused picture of sanctions and tariffs, and coercive tactics to build global influence?


Rebecca Harding, Chief Executive Officer, Coriolis Technologies


Dr Deborah Elms, Founder & Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre

Andy Burwell, Director, International Trade & Investment, CBI

Joanna Konings, Senior Economist, International Trade Analysis, ING

Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman, Cicero/AMO