The Implications of Dual Use Goods | MultiLateral Thinking Webcast

Coriolis brings you its bi-weekly MultiLateral Thinking webcast looking at how world trade has changed since lockdown began. Dr. Rebecca Harding tells you everything you need to know about the effects of business, finance, technology, politics and more on the world of trade. This week the implications of dual use goods are discussed.

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The imperative of sustainability

Sustainable trade regulations will come on tap globally faster than banks can recruit compliance officers. By the end of 2021, S&P estimates that around $3tn of business from outside of the EU could be affected by the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. While this is largely investment fund money at present, the consequences for the trade finance sector are substantial and it’s vital that the sector takes the lead on how it applies to the financing of trade generally, and supply chain finance in particular.

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