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Dr. Rebecca Harding  Just as trade talks between Washington and Beijing appear to be reaching a form of resolution, the potential for a new front in the global trade war to open between the US and the EU looks more likely. On Monday 15th April, the EU will approve the re-commencement of trade talks with the US. This is against a backdrop of threats from President Trump that $11bn of tariffs will be imposed on
Dr. Rebecca HardingYet another week, yet another blog saying that the UK is in crisis and the next week will be critical for the Brexit outcome. The political process is incapable of making choices at the moment; the economics of trade in all of this has been forgotten as politicians vie for power and influence with each other using their own pre-conceptions of what the electorate voted for to create power for themselves. In short,
Rebecca HardingCEO Coriolis TechnologiesThe last week of March will be one of the most important weeks for trade in a long time. But think again if you think this is because the UK may, or may not, have a way forward on Brexit by the end of the week. Rather, this is an important week for trade because it will confirm that trade has become strategic.What does this mean? Strategic Trade is trade deployed for
Jack HardingHead of Political Risk On Wednesday this week (20th March), US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to visit Jerusalem as part of a trip that will also include visits to Lebanon and Kuwait. While in Israel, Pompeo will hold talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Cypriot and Greek leaders, Nicos Anastasiades and Alex Tsipras. Pompeo’s visit has attracted criticism that the US is attempting to influence the outcome of the elections
Rebecca HardingCEO Coriolis TechnologiesThe UK’s political turmoil will overshadow the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting this week; EU leaders will be meeting to discuss the UK parliament’s request to extend Brexit beyond 29th March and there is little doubt that this will grab headlines instead. The EU Leaders’ Summit is unlikely to agree an extension this week increasing the risk of a no deal Brexit through miscalculation. The disaster planning out in