The business case for making trade finance digital

The business case for making trade finance digital Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. The ICC and Coriolis Technologies report on the UK business case for aligning the acceptance of digital trade documentation suggests that if the law is amended to allow for […]

It’s time to talk about trade finance

Member login It’s time to talk about trade finance A couple of years ago, I made a pitch to a group of investors. During the pitch I mentioned the problem I was trying to solve in trade finance was ultimately quite dull. The investors were not sold on the idea. To them, Fintech should be […]

The five priorities for the WTO’s new chief

Member login The five priorities for the WTO’s new chief The new head of the the World Trade Organisation, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, has a challenging to do list if she is to re-establish the WTO’s authority over the world trading system. Its effectiveness over the past five years has been damaged through a failure of […]

Brexit halts medication imports

Member login In 2017 there was a successful campaign to change UK law to allow medical cannabis products to be prescribed by Hannah Deacon, whos son Alife has severe epilepsy. Unfortunately, due to Brexit, the supply of the drug  prescribed to Alfie, Bedrolite which is produced in the Netherlands has ceased. From the start of […]

Stuck between a brick and a hard place: Covid, Brexit and UK trade policy

Member login Dr Rebecca Harding, CEO The numbers speak for themselves – the UK is stuck between a Brexit brick and a Covid hard place. UK trade never grabs the headlines in the way that GDP or unemployment does, but as trade has struggled, so too have UK exporters. For example total exports, including services, […]

Back to the Future: why there is no normal to return to after the US election

Member login DR. Rebecca Harding CEO Make no mistake about it, there will still be a trade war after the US election. The conflict, that has built over the past four years, is a strategic one fought through trade, technology and finance. Whatever happens on November 3rd, the US will remain on a trade-war footing […]

Supply chain transparency is key to building back sustainably

Member login COVID19 has acted like a reset button for trade and the world’s supply chains, as well as bringing them into increased focus. Meanwhile there has been a background dialogue of how more damaging the climate crisis potentially will be than COVID has been. Coronavirus offers a unique opportunity to build back sustainably and […]

Rules of the game: why the WTO’s next head needs to learn fast

Member login   A tough job ahead for the future Director General of the WTO WTO is now regularly undermined by bi-lateral agreements, trading block deals and China’s ability to bend the dispute settlement system in its favour according to the  US trade representative  If trade is to re-establish itself as the means for “bottom […]

Why trade finance matters to the global recovery

Member login Dr. Rebecca Harding CEO Quantitive easing and low interest rates are no longer “extraordinary” Almost impossible for rade finance to be profitable without focusing on bigger deals with fewer S&P 500 or FTSE 100 companies. The World Trade Organisation had always assumed that trade growth would always outstrip GDP growth by a factor […]