Exchange Data International (EDI) helps the global financial and investment community better manage/reduce risk through the provision of fast, accurate, timely and affordable data reference services.

The cornerstone of its success lies in its expertise in integrating, aggregating and flexibly delivering structured data to facilitate investment research, administration and processing. Also, its ability to customise its reference database to precisely fit its clients’ operational requirements.

EDI’s extensive content database includes worldwide equity and fixed income corporate actions, dividends, static reference data, closing prices and shares outstanding, delivered via data feeds and the Internet.

Coriolis Technologies are proud to be a development partner, Finastra’s platform to the API economy. is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that unlocks innovation by fostering open collaboration within an eco-system of development partners. A major innovation for financial services, it opens up Finastras’ core systems via the FusionFabric platform, enabling development of a greater breadth and depth of leading-edge services previously unachievable.