Our Products

MultiLateral Trade for Banks and SMEs

MultiLateral is Coriolis’s unique technology that combines micro and macro data to provide a ‘risk in a box’ executable solution to the trade finance sector and delivers it in a single end point API. The API provides our clients with data that will allow them to support existing exporters, identify new clients with similar behaviours, identify overseas markets and clients, analyse the reputational and counter party risk in the supply chain, and the political and economic risk in the market. This data is easily accessible and all in one place, allowing banks to manage their AML and KYC risks, provide business development support to clients and identify new clients.

MultiLateral Data and Analytics as a Service Solutions for analysts, economists and policy makers

MultiLateral is the technology that provides Coriolis’s answer to poor and unreliable data in the trade space. It brings the latest company, trade, economic and risk data together in once place to allow analysts to run their own WhatIf analyses against different trade policy outcomes, to run their own gravity models of trade, and to analyse changes in the structure and concentration of trade at an individual country level or on a bilateral or multilateral basis. It is a more flexible and up-to-date version of the GTAP model and provides analysts with a unique tool for understanding policy impact, the relationship between trade and financial markets and the impact on companies, trade and economic growth of changes in levels of FDI as well as changes in key economic indicators.

Data and Analytics as a Service for investors

MultLateral provides more timely, complete and material trade data and sentiment data than is currently available in the market. Its monthly trade flow data is more up-to-date than other data sources because it includes customs and excise data for each individual country in one API to provide input into systematic global macro trading approaches.

MultiLateral Thinking for media, policy makers and governments

MultiLateral Thinking is the network of public policy makers, thought leaders and experts and academics globally who are helping us drive the global trade agenda forward with analytical rigour and public support. We already have major global organisations involved including the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, the Institute for Trade and Innovation at Offenburg University and a number of trade bodies in the trade finance sector.