Be MultiLateral

Introducing: MultiLateral Thinking

Coriolis Technologies is proud to invite you to become a MultiLateral Thinker.

The world of trade is broken; until very recently it was seen as a benign mechanism for promoting global economic growth. Today, trade is often conflated with national interests through populist, adversarial rhetoric and a zero-sum mind-set. This “I win, you lose” approach to trade threatens to bring down the institutional structures that the world has relied upon for both its economic and military security in the post-war period. In short, trade has become weaponised.

At Coriolis Technologies, we believe that this is a dangerous moment in our global history. In the modern era, the nature of politics’ influence on economics seems to be built more on national, rather than shared, interests. The essence of multilateralism is the pursuit of a common goal by international coalitions of interests; however, we feel this is rapidly being lost to the detriment of the way we conduct business, our collective military security, our environment, and even the way we live.

Coriolis is committed to providing timely, leading-edge data and analytics that will help us understand why these issues are arising and, through predictive learning, what can be done to solve them. Coriolis calls this project MultiLateral because it joins the data dots with insight and analysis: it tells its users where risks and opportunities are and where policy and strategy needs to think about risks that may arise.

But a campaign in itself is not enough; our approach is analytical and, as such, needs to be driven by people and companies who believe that now is the moment to generate facts based on reliable data. MultiLateral Thinking is about a globally-shared purpose to take the “fake” out of news and the “alternative” out of fact in order to put the trust back into data. Only then can we together re-build our political and economic institutions so that they serve the purpose of the digital age.