MineHub and Coriolis to Provide ESG Rating of Commodities and Supply Chain Transactions

March 2022

Vancouver, B.C., March 3, 2022. MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV: MHUB, OTCQB: MHUBF) (“MineHub” or the “Company”) and Coriolis Technologies (“Coriolis”) are pleased to announce they will develop an integrated solution for customers and financiers to verify the ESG performance of suppliers, their products and the commercial transactions executed and financed on the MineHub platform.

Coriolis has developed its Kosmos ESG score as an independent rating based on publicly available data sources, which captures the performance of companies and their products against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN. This rating mechanism is being developed and validated through the Kosmos working group, consisting of over 50 leading financial institutions including banks, insurers, professional bodies, enterprise development specialists, and multilateral organisations. MineHub Technologies is also a member of the Kosmos working group.

The MineHub ESG application enables producers to attach ESG credentials with their brands, including third party certifications on its blockchain network, and automates the inclusion of these certified credentials in the transactions being are executed and financed on the MineHub platform.  

Through the collaboration with Coriolis, MineHub users can include the Kosmos ESG score in their brand profile and transaction data sets, ensuring that commercial or financing transactions comply with the purchasing and credit policies of buyers and financiers. The combination of the Minehub platform and the Kosmos ESG score is a solution that applies at many levels – from standalone transactions through to large scale supply chain finance facilities.

The Kosmos ESG score is anticipated to be available on the MineHub platform in April, 2022.

Coriolis Technologies Chief Executive, Dr Rebecca Harding said:

“Coriolis upholds the firm view that collaboration is key to successful and applicable sustainability assessments. Not only does our integrated solution embrace collaboration, but we carefully select partners we believe will add real value to the end-user in helping them understand and grow their business. MineHub is one of the most notable Kosmos partners because the insights provided are fundamental to ensuring secure and sustainable trade.



Arnoud Star Busmann, CEO at Minehub Technologies said   

“Coriolis is a leading provider of trade related data. Their vision and solutions are fully aligned with our goals at MineHub: to enable our customers to work with verified, high-value and real-time data to improve decision-making, risk mitigation and automating vital but costly processes such as compliance verification. The Kosmos ESG score is a perfect example of a fundamental data point that can immediately unlock value for our users.”


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