Kosmos Working Group

ESG monitoring and assessment

A collaboration in development

Coriolis Kosmos Working Group

Coriolis Technologies has developed a unique approach to giving an ESG passport to any business anywhere in the world irrespective of size. This passport is product-based rather than company based. It allocates the business an automatic independently derived score aligned to sustainable development goals and dual use goods. The Kosmos tool provides organisations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to ESG with regard to the provision of trade finance. This is particularly the case with the requirement for organisations to ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Know Your Goods’ (KYG). 

We are now working to take this development further with our partners to add greater country, supply chain and company level granularity with the goal of providing a comprehensive and standardised automated score across the world of trade. 

Kosmos has three main advantages over its competitors:

1. It is simple, standardised and externally verifiable;

2. It provides transparency at the product level;

3. It achieves a granular understanding of supply chains through the tiers by allocating a component product to its SDGs.

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