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UK Interest rates stay at 0.75%

Since the financial crisis, monetary policy has been defunct as a tool for manipulating economies over the long term. The UK is no exception, and the Monetary Policy Committee are left with little choice but to leave rates on hold. At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the economy around investment it would be foolhardy to increase rates as it sends precisely the wrong message to business about where our economy could be heading. Since none of us really know what will happen in the coming months, still less after October 31st, doing nothing is the safest thing on the precautionary principle alone.



Coriolis CEO Rebecca harding and COO Markus Krebsz both contributed to the UK govt’s Implementation task force on social impact investing.

USA China Trade Talks at G20 Osaka | Coriolis CEO Rebecca Harding

G-20 globalism challenged as Putin champions ‘back to basics’ politics, expert says

Coriolis launches AI supply chain project

Coriolis presentation on value chains at NIESR 6th June 2019

Trade Finance Talks

North America Overview – The New Trade of Normal

Hidden Trade and Anti-Money Laundering – The Challenge for Banks

Facebook is not regulated in the same way as banks are, and the cryptocurrency industry is, by definition almost, unregulated

Facebook plans to launch ‘GlobalCoin’ cryptocurrency in 2020 –

[CITY AM 15/05/19] While the US and China sneeze, London too risks catching a cold

USA China Trade War: China Hits backs at US with Import tariffs|Rebecca Harding on Ian King

TNW Conference 2019

How to Imporve visibility in the UK’s supply chains #GTRUK

[The Global Treasurer] World’s first digital trade database to be developed

EXIM 2019 D1 Strategic Trade Finance: The ECA Competitive Advantage

How exporting could stretch your cash flow- and What to do about it. 02/05/19

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Coriolis and Intix form trade finance data alliance

Coriolis Technologies, the world’s leading source of data and analytics as a service for trade professionals, has today announced a partnership with INTIX, to provide banks with unprecedented insight on global trade flows and finance data …

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Why China and the UK’s Trade Partnership Matters – Dr Rebecca Harding

Trade, technology and innovation will not be held back by protectionism or bilateralism. While there are many challenges in the current global environment for trade, many of the political challenges still remain just that – political. 

Dr Rebecca harding, Why China and the UK’s Trade Partnership Matters – Dr Rebecca Harding,

Fintechs collaborating: Coriolis Technologies and INTIX combine their capabilities as “the future of trade is data”

We are proud to announce that we part of the #Tradefinance#datastandarisation#FinTech collaborative Initiative through an exciting parternership with INTIX.

Coriolis CEO Rebecca harding attending the US EXIM conference in Washington 27-29th of March 2019

Rebecca Harding Squawk Box 13.05.19

It’s a dangerous moment for investors, CEO says from CNBC.

Coriolis CEO on BBC Briefing 13.03.18, the day after Theresa Mays deal is rejected for the second time

Coriolis CEO Dr Rebecca Harding discussing China’s slow and trade war with the USA.

This was aired on BBC News on 7 Feb 2019, where Dr. Rebecca Harding addresses Brexit, the Bank of England’s latest interest rate decision and the slow-down of the Global Economy due to the Weaponization of Trade and multilateral factors impacting growth.

Trade growth drivers and the risks of derailment – Trade Finance TV

CNBC Squawk Box 27/08/18

Finextra interview Deutsche Bank: Following the Trade Wars Rhetoric

Trade wars & technology: new era for trade finance – 23 Oct 2018

GTR Women in Trade Finance Dubai