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Automated ESG Ratings

The go-to source of data and analytics for environmental, social and corporate governance.

Access key information and insights into sustainable trade flow across the globe.

See how countries, supply chains and companies measure against Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations and the European Union. 


Making trade sustainable

Monitoring the ESG health of the world’s companies, supply chains, & nations

Company and supply chain scoring against global sustainability goals

Country trade-based sustainability risk scores based on products traded and regulatory framework

Supply chain risk scores at every tier through a searchable company and product database

Company level risk scores through products, reporting and adverse news

Find out the release date first

Our Sustainability tracking solution is currently in being tested by our Kosmos Working Group (KWG): a non-competitive working group, including banks, insurers, and professional bodies. Click here to learn more about the KWG. We expect to open the solution up to a wider audience towards the close of 2022.

Submit your details and we will add you to our database and update you on the progress of development and the release date of version 2.0.

Please note, your online safety and security are important to us. We understand the sensitivity of your data and will never pass your information on to any third party. Your data will be added to our private database so that we can notify you of any upcoming releases and send you our monthly updates. 

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