Monitoring & Assessing ESG Across the Globe

Coriolis Technologies Webinar: Global ESG Monitoring & Assessment Tool & Kosmos Consortium Q&A

Coriolis Technologies

14th September, 12:00 pm in partnership with ITFA

Coriolis Technologies would like to invite you to a working lunch to demonstrate its approach to assessing ESG and the provision of sustainability passports.

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About this event:

Coriolis Technologies has developed a unique approach to giving an ESG passport to any business anywhere in the world irrespective of size. This passport is product-based rather than company-based. It allocates the business an automatic independently derived score aligned to sustainable development goals and dual-use goods.

The Coriolis Technologies Kosmos tool provides organisations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to ESG regarding the provision of trade finance. This is particularly the case with the requirement for organisations to ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Know Your Goods’ (KYG).

We are now collaborating with our partners to add greater country, supply chain and company level granularity to provide a comprehensive and standardised automated score across the world of trade. We are doing this through a consortium of carefully selected industry partners, including ITFA, and are keen to identify additional contributors.

The working lunch on the 14th of September in partnership with ITFA is an opportunity for companies to get a walkthrough of the tool and ask Rebecca Harding, CEO, Coriolis Technologies any questions about the development of the tool and membership of the consortium.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Johanna Wissing, Director, Credit Suisse (Chair)
  • Rebecca Harding, CEO, Coriolis Technologies (Presenter)



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