Real-Time Global Trade Sanctions Tracker

Search, track and research global trade sanctions in real-time. 

The Global Trade Sanctions tool produced by Coriolis Technologies and the Institute of Export & International Trade offers a unique searchable database of all global sanctions including:

Coriolis Technologies and Institute of Export & International Trade launch real time sanctions tracker

Any business involved in international trade, whether importing, exporting or part of the supply chain is faced with a rapidly changing regulatory environment. In particular manufacturers, distributors, and SMEs need to keep up with the changing global sanctions due to the Russia Ukraine crisis.

Coriolis Technologies and the Institute of Export and International Trade have partnered to launch an online sanctions tracker for exporting businesses anywhere in the world to help them navigate the complexity of the export restrictions imposed on trade with Russia, and Belarus, in the last few weeks.

The dynamic tool is free to use and covers US, EU and UK sanctions against companies and individuals, dual-use goods and specifically sanctioned goods.

Unlike other static sanctions trackers in the market, the real-time sanctions tracker aggregates data directly from a range of global government sources, including UN, EU and UK dual-use goods lists, the UN, US and EU Consolidated Screening Lists, and US Sanctions List (OFAC), among others, before presenting the information in a dynamic, searchable database.

As new sanctions are released, new and relevant sources will be added to ensure that the most up to date and available information is present in the tracker.

Users can search the following:

  • Dual-Use goods;
  • US Sanctioned persons;
  • US Sanctioned companies;
  • UK Sanctioned persons;
  • UK sanctioned companies;
  • EU Sanctioned persons;
  • EU sanctioned companies;
  • OFAC Sanctions – Specially Designated Nationals; and
  • OFAC Sanctions – Consolidated.

Coriolis Technologies Chief Executive, Dr Rebecca Harding said:

“In troubling times, I am proud to be able to divert resources from the development of our recent ESG tracking tool to build something reactive that can help SMEs navigate in a rapidly changing landscape. Coriolis Technologies is committed to applying our research, technology and workforce to help SMEs access all aspects of the industry. We believe that the real-time sanctions tracker will allow them to identify sanctions that will impact their world quickly.

Institute of Export & International Trade director general, Marco Forgione said:

“It is imperative in times like these that traders have access to the right information, advice and guidance, to ensure that they comply with sanctions wherever they are in the world. The technology behind the Sanctions Tracker has been developed to help businesses ensure they do that.

“The IOE&IT is committed to supporting exporters to trade with confidence. Being able to access real-time information on which sanctions will impact them will help keep legal trade flowing.”

*This product is to be used for information purposes only. Any decisions made on the basis of the material presented here is entirely at the user’s risk. Click here for the Coriolis Technologies data usage policy. Best endeavours are used to update new and relevant list sources frequently, which are then automated the processed using APIs.

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