MultiLateral Monitor Q3 2021
The new normal and strategic trade

Analysing current issues in trade using our unique data.

Coriolis Technologies MultiLateral Monitor Q3 2021: The New Normal & Strategic Trade

This first MultiLateral Monitor looks at some of the key issues that will affect the practice of trade as it emerges from the pandemic and grapples with the “new normal” of trade as a strategic tool in the foreign policy mix. We have focused our analysis on supply chains, sustainability and “hidden trade” –the trade that goes through obscure sectors and countries but is often strategic. Given the shift in political and regulatory emphasis that is pending, these are areas of focus for board rooms and compliance teams alike.

Regular features include our Brexit Monitor which will provide updates from the UK and the EU on key issues, trade flows and UK exporters. The “next big thing” feature starts the Coriolis Technologies discussion around cryptocurrencies and their potential role in closing the trade finance gap. The “food for thought” piece is a step back from the mayhem of international trade and looks at the human rights issues around migration.

Our goal with our MultiLateral Monitor is very simple: to analyse current issues in trade using the unique data that we have at our finger-tips. We hope you will find it useful.

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MultiLateral Monitor Q3 2021

Download our analysis looking at new normal and strategic trade.

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