BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY: Coriolis Technologies MultiLateral Monitor Q4 2021

Held during week two of COP26 in Glasgow, the Coriolis Technologies Future of Strategy week addressed the issue of transparency in global trade and what this means for sustainability. 

The conference brought together the world’s leading security and intelligence experts, policymakers, and trade professionals including Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Trade Finance & Lending and Institutional Cash Management at Deutsche Bank, Thomas Matussek, Former German Ambassador to the UK, and Stephen Evans, Former UK Ambassador to Afghanistan and Assistant Secretary-General for Operations, NATO. 

We break down the key takeaways from each session, take a look at how COP26 missed the mark on trade and introduce our ESG Working Group. Plus the latest news from Coriolis Technologies and a look into 2022.

Download the publication below.

Coriolis Technologies MultiLateral Monitor Q4 2021 Beyond Sustainability Cover

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