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COVID-19: Policy-Options, Effects and Resulting Scenarios 2022

Governments around the world are on the horns of the dilemma as to whether to do “whatever it takes” to curb fatalities, or to risk higher fatalities to contain damage to the economy and to state budgets. As we predicted, most are emerging cautiously from their first lockdown as no economy could sustain it until a vaccine is found and administered world-wide.

Our solutions

MultiLateral Thinking

The problem

Trade finance does not have a collective or independent voice.

As trade has become strategic and weaponised, it is more vital than ever that banks, politicians, negotiators and businesses alike are able to understand the interplay between trade and national security in order to make the right decisions. 

Political risks are impacting compliance and operations but it is unclear which risks are the most important.

Trade financiers face growing compliance requirements – from avoiding funding arms trade, dual use trade or supporting fake news to using technology and practice to support sustainability.

The solution

MultiLateral Thinking: the go-to source of data-based analytics and advisory for the trade finance sector.


MultiLateral Open Trade

The problem

Data on global trade is inconsistent, patchy, lagged and inaccurate.

It is impossible to accurately identify who trades what with whom, leaving policymakers and companies alike trying to make sense of fragmented data points in order to glean a bigger picture – putting them in danger of making decisions without a reliable evidence base.

The changing face of global trade means the industry needs to be able to assess the impact of, for example, higher tariffs, greater non-tariff barriers, regulatory changes and the reconfiguration of trade agreements. This requires accurate, timely and consistent data that can cater for the complexities of global supply chains across multiple borders and multiple components.

The solution

MultiLateral Open Trade: the world’s first data-as-a-service product for the trade and trade finance market.


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