Coriolis uses publicly available sources and utilises Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to clean, mirror and standardise trade flow data to provide Data as a Service that is not visible elsewhere.

This approach eliminates the unreliability of country-level reporting.  By integrating company data, customs and excise data and logistics data, and using the same techniques to standardise those flows, Coriolis provides a uniquely complete and timely data service.

The Problems we Solve

There are substantial shortcomings in the timeliness, materiality and quality of trade data that makes decision-making by policy makers, trade finance professionals and trade credit providers at best difficult. It also renders academic analysis of trade redundant since data models like GTAP, Intra-analysis or UN Comtrade rely on data that is too lagged to understand future impacts. More than this, the AI approach we take allows us to project with a high degree of reliability, patterns and trends in trade and trade finance, giving our clients accurate and unique benchmark indicators and indices.

Coriolis create :

  • An integrated, harmonised platform across all trading jurisdictions and sectors
  • Real time logistics and shipping flows by country, company and sector
  • Buyers and sellers in markets globally by country and sector
  • Trade finance flows by country, sector and financial product